Nail Your First Tennis Tournament eBook

The ultimate guide to making your first tennis tournament experience a success.

Looking for the last little push to finally get started with competitive tennis?!

Whether you're still wondering how does a tennis tournament work, or you know that already but have no clue how to prepare for a tennis match or what's gonna happen once you're on the court, this guide is for you!

I promise you, it'll make your first date with competitive tennis less stress 🤯 and more fun 🤩!


What's inside?

✨ 3 core modules, 20 sections and 39 pages jam-packed with practical info, proven strategies and unspoken truths that will kick your first-time fears away.

Good to know, Pro tip and FAQ sections that will give you peace of mind, boost your confidence and wipe away all your doubts.

✨ A ton of illustrated examples that will make things stick to your head and make you feel like you've already experienced certain situations even though you haven't.

Want a sneak peek?

I know you're curious 😉. Who isn't?!

So here you go: first the Table of Contents explained, and then the actual Table of Contents.

1. Tournament ABC - How tennis tournaments work

In this chapter you’re going to find all the practical information you need to know in order to play your first tournament:

  • what you need to have before you even sign up to the tournament;
  • how and when to sign up to the tournament;
  • the 2 types of match schedules and how to interpret them;
  • the most common match formats in circulation;
  • everything about draws.

2. Match preparation - How to prepare for a tennis match

In this chapter you’re going to find all the things you need to do before you step on the court for your tennis match:

  • how to optimize your schedule for the day of the match;
  • the list of things you absolutely need to take with you in your tennis bag;
  • when and what to eat to have energy for the match;
  • how to warm up before your match.

3. Match play - How to handle everything that’s gonna happen on the court

In this chapter you’re going to find all the things you need to know to play your match with confidence and no hesitation.

  • how to make the most of the warmup and the changeovers;
  • how to lead the lottery and choose wisely;
  • the right way to call balls out and what to do in case of disagreements;
  • a few tricks to avoid being carried away by your opponent’s pace;
  • the optimal way to handle the balls (ball intrusion included) and play safe;
  • how to behave in case of toilet emergency and at the end of the match.

Nail Your First Tournament eBook Table of Contents

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