Road to Smarter Tennis

Practice smart. Improve faster. Win more.

Road to Smarter Tennis in a nutshell 🥜

Not just another online course. Actually, not a course at all.

R2ST is the first ever tennis program designed by a player for the players, to take your game from where it is right now and give it the SMART superpower.


6-weeks tennis program

For 6 weeks, we'll virtually practice together. I'll take you on court with me, so you can first watch me work on specific patterns of play and then replicate right away with your friends.


Player-to-player approach

Forget about long, boring theory lessons. I'm a player and just like you I'm all for straight-to-the-point instructions.


Fun and effective drills

Each week we'll practice with a different goal in mind and brand new drills, those I personally use in my self-practices to make my game smarter and better without giving up the fun.


Suitable for your needs

Practice where, when and with whom you want, choose how much time you put into it, and improve at your own pace.


You are never alone

This is a LIVE program, which means we'll all virtually practice together, work on the same things at the same time, and hang out after practice in the comments section and in the Telegram Channel.


No props required

You won't need any special props: ball cans and caps will be more than enough. Just bring your best focus and energy, and you'll be good!

Road To Smarter Tennis
  • Weekly Missions to Help You Practice with Purpose
  • Straight-to-the-point Videos
  • Insights into the Main Patterns of Play
  • Effective Drills to Automate Your Shot Selection
  • Bonus #1: Warm-up Drills
  • Bonus #2: Fun Weekly Challenges
  • Bonus #3: Private Telegram Channel
  • Support
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Who is Road to Smarter Tennis for?

R2ST is a tennis program thought by a player for the players.

Not all, of course. But for a very tiny, special group: those who think just like me!

Ask yourself the following questions. The more YES you answer, the more likely it is you’ll love this program!

  • Want to have fun on court, but get better and win more at the same time?
  • Feel like you have lots of room for improvement in patterns of play and shot selection?
  • Wish you had a program to follow, with fresh specific drills every single week to incorporate in your self-practices?
  • Want to do more than just match play or mindless hitting in your practices?
  • Don't really think of yourself as the kind of player who hits winners right and left, but rather the one who plays smart?
  • Want to take your shot selection to the next level and get extremely good at outsmarting your opponents?
  • Got bored of always having to come up with smart drills yourself and not even being sure why you're doing what you're doing?
  • Looking for a way to improve your tennis in a flexible but effective way?
  • Want to virtually practice with me, the way I do?

Who is Road to Smarter Tennis NOT for?

R2ST is not the right tennis program for you if:

  • you have just started playing tennis and have yet to learn all the strokes
  • you mostly play with a coach and rarely have self-practices with your friends
  • you are looking for a course about technique

We’ll practice together for 6 weeks

Enough time to tackle the main patterns of play, but not too much before you get to see your game transform into a more complete, smart and well-rounded one.

And the best part is, you’ll no longer need to come up with drills yourself or worry about forgetting important pieces of your game. You’ll just have to think of playing, having fun and getting better!

Week by week, practice after practice, we’ll take your shot selection to the next level. 🎓

Every week a brand-new mission

The goal of R2ST is to transform your game in the shortest possible time, by focusing on outsmarting your opponents as opposed to overpowering her.

To make it possible, every week we’ll work on a different aspect of your tennis and practice with fresh new drills. So you’ll get enough repetition to make a real difference in your game and still touch on all the pieces.

Sounds pretty serious, but it’ll be a lot fun! That’s when we improve the fastest!! ⚡

Once you’re in, you are in forever

Yes, this program is LIVE and we’re going to virtually practice together for 6 weeks. But that doesn’t mean you will no longer have access to it once the 6 weeks are over. Just the opposite!

In fact, my hope is that by “training together” you’ll see what a huge difference can make to always step on the court with a purpose and never want to go back to just match play or mindless hitting.

So yes, you’ll be able to access the platform and the material for life. And, even better, to take part in the future LIVE sessions of the program. 📆

Practice where and when you want

Forget about inconvenient schedules and far-away tennis clubs. With R2ST, you get to choose where and when to practice.

We all have our own very personal goals, and this program is designed to get you there at your own pace. It’s totally up to you how much time you want to put into it.

Needless to say, the more you’ll practice the faster you’ll improve.

Bonus #1: Warm-up Drills

In addition to the weekly videos, you’ll also find an extra video featuring my favorite warm-up drills for the service boxes.

I know we all have different routines and you’ll probably keep warming up your strokes as you’ve always done, but in case you’ll find yourself feeling like switching things up a little you’ll know where to look 🔍.

Warming up doesn’t have to be boring, just the opposite!

Bonus #2: Fun Weekly Challenges

By far my favorite bonus of all! I mean... ok practicing, ok everything but isn’t match play what we really want to get good at?!

Every single week you’ll get a fun, fresh new challenge specifically designed to improve your shot selection through ✨ special ✨ match play. (Afterwards, regular match play will feel like a walk in the park! Guaranteed.)

Think of these challenges as the cherry on the cake 🍰. A fun way not only to measure your progress, but also to make the patterns of play truly sink in your game.

Bonus #3: Private Telegram Channel

By joining R2ST you’ll also have access to a private Telegram Channel, our own secret meeting spot 📍 during the whole duration of the LIVE program.

There is where we’ll hang out together after practice, share our struggles and celebrate our little baby steps. But also where we’ll show off our best sweaty selfies and cheer each other up!

After all, we’ll all be on the same journey. So why not have fun together along the way? 🙌

Should you feel like R2ST hasn't met your expectations, just shoot me an email telling me why to within the first 2 weeks of the program and I'll fully refund you. 👍
Elena, the player behind Road To Smarter Tennis Program

Hey ciao 🤗

I'm Elena and I'm here to help you play smarter and win more!

I've been playing and loving tennis from the age of 11, when I grabbed my first tennis racket. Then one day, after years of practices and tournaments, university-time came and studying became my priority.

Today, a degree and 2 jobs later, I believe it's time to take care of my unfinished business with tennis. I don't have much time left to achieve my goals, so I'm making the most out of it, experimenting old and new ways to improve as fast as possible.

That's why I created Tennis Rematch: to share everything I learn along the way, so you can get better faster, and together we can prove that we can achieve anything we set our mind to.

I've never been one of those super powerful players (my mini-size didn't and doesn't really help!), so the way I make up for my lack of striking power is through a smart game. And you know what? Not only it works, but it's also a lot of fun!

So... if playing smart is something you want to do more of, then we're gonna be friends!!

I'll see you at practice 💕👋

Road To Smarter Tennis
  • Weekly Missions to Help You Practice with Purpose
  • Straight-to-the-point Videos
  • Insights into the Main Patterns of Play
  • Effective Drills to Automate Your Shot Selection
  • Bonus #1: Warm-up Drills
  • Bonus #2: Fun Weekly Challenges
  • Bonus #3: Private Telegram Channel
  • Support
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